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5 Mega-Pixel Lens (Manual Iris Lens, compatible with 5 mega-pixel cameras)
5MX Series

Key Feautures
• S-RANK (Best Performance Class)
• 5MX Series uses JIIA (Japan Industrial Imaging Association) lens standards and satisfy S-Rank (Best Performance Class) criteria as high-performance lenses for 2/3 5 Megapixel camera. As entire field 5 Megapixel camera lenses, they capture high resolution, distortion images not just from the center to the periphery but over the entire measurement field.
• 5MX Series lenses have a high resolution of over 147 lp/mm.
• 5MX Series keeps TV distortion to less than 0.1%, making them ideal for capturing low distortion images over the entire image measurement.

For each resolution level (9MP, 5MP, 2MP, and VGA), the RICOH FL Series provides an extensive line of high-performance lenses with different focal lengths and sensor sizes. Knowhow developed in our camera operations has been put to good use in creating high-quality products with an extremely low level of variation among individual lenses.

FA lenses for use with up to 9 mega-pixel resolution and image processing.
This lens is optimized for a wide range of applications including electronic substrates.

• High resolution and high contrast at 9 megapixels
• Floating mechanism in it’s focusing system
• Ø42 mm compact design
• Close range at only 80 mm from the lens (FL-BC1220-9M, FL-BC1618-9M)

FA Lens
2019 FA Lenses (34 MB-PDF file)